Nicaragua, the land of lakes and volcanoes

If you love coffee, rum, cigars, and exquisite-tasting beef you might want to consider visiting Nicaragua. All of the goods above are very affordable and are served on a background of blue lakes and volcanoes.

The Land of Lakes and Volcanoes.

Getting to Nicaragua from the US is easy, in about 4 hours you land in Managua, a quite small and intimate airport for a capital. One important thing though: know your prices. Tourists pay way more than locals which is not unusual for that part of the world. While I am not against this, I am against grossly abusing this rule. Know how much you should pay for main things. A simple example. If you want to go to Granada, a mere 40 minutes away, you should take a van: they are cheap, comfortable and reliable. Biggest challenge is getting a cab from the airport to the UCA bus stop (where the minivans to Granada depart). A cab from the airport yard will cost you 200 cordobas. If you take the cab from the outside of the airport (a few yards away, beyond the gates) will cost you 100 cordobas (or 80 if you negotiate like I did). Which is still overpriced, ride around Managua are in general 10-20 cordobas a head.

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