Address – Nicaragua style

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There are no addresses in Nicaragua. And some might find this confusing. No street names, no numbers, instead a lot of directions and points of reference (which sometimes don’t exist anymore, having been destroyed by previous earthquakes). One would need  to know the past architecture of the cities and all the events that destroyed buildings, trees and pillars that make the main reference points. Ok, I am unfair. There are “cuadras” (equivalent of “blocks” in the US) and sometimes you use east or west, but mostly “abajo” and “arriba”. But who knows where is the abajo and the arriba of a town? Luckily, in Granada you have the lake, so you can say “towards the lake”, or “on the lake side of the Parque Central”.

El Zaguan restaurant? Yes, it is behind the Cathedral. And check out the website of the Hotel Colonial in Granada. The address they list is:

Hotel Colonial

Del Parque Central 25 varas al Norte, Calle La Libertad, Granada, Nicaragua.

(did I mention you need to know some special measurement units uniquely used in Nicaragua (and Honduras) which were not changed since the good old Spanish used back in the middle ages? One vara=3 feet, almost one meter).

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