La Catrina, doamna schelet

31 octombrie.  Strazile, magazinele,  inclusive cafeneaua din Brooklyn in care imi sorb acum ciocolata calda sunt pline de monstri, zombi, personaje fantastice care umbla cu colecta dupa dulciuri. Uitandu-ma la monstruletii care tocmai au intrat in cofetaire, mi-au venit in minte doua personaje de actualitate, ambele schelete,  probabil influentată fiind  si de vizita recentă in... Continue Reading →

“Aici, poporul comandă şi guvernul ascultă!“

(Articol publicat in Evenimentul Zilei, 05 septembrie 2010) Luminiţa Cuna este o româncă pasionată de viaţa şi cultura din America Latină. Astăzi, ea scrie pentru despre experinţa sa în oraşul Chiapas, sediul grupului revoluţionar Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, EZLN. Din 1994, odată cu lansarea mişcării zapatiste, Chiapas a declarat război statului Mexican. Luminiţa Cuna... Continue Reading →

O româncă, martoră la ritualuri pierdute în Mexic

(Articol publicat in Evenimentul Zilei, marţi, 27 iulie 2010) Luminiţa Cuna este o româncă a cărei pasiune este să descopere lumea îndepărtată şi plină de mister din America Latină. Ultima oară, Luminiţa ne-a scris despre o nuntă în jungla Ecuadorului, la care a fost martoră. Astăzi, ne scris despre obiceiurile aproape pierdute ale civilizaţiei maia, în... Continue Reading →

A day at the museum

Another full day to spend in San Cristobal. I think we annoyed our hosts because we did not take any of the tours they offered – frankly, after meeting Cesar our standards were too high for guides and tours. And we just stopped liking our hosts after seeing who they were worshiping. The lady kept... Continue Reading →

In Zapatista Territory

I will start with a question - and don’t google the answer:  WHO ARE THE ZAPATISTAS? *** When I woke up I knew I had an unusual day ahead of me. Today I would go into Zapatista territory to learn more about the movement and to see first hand who the Zapatistas were. Cesar was... Continue Reading →

Maya Villages

We started our day with an enjoyable breakfast at an off-the-beaten-path place where we were the only customers. Big breakfast, delicious coffee.  We then headed to the Zocalo where we were supposed to look for a woman with a colorful umbrella who would arrange our trip to nearby Maya villages. Of course nobody was in... Continue Reading →

Palenque and Mexican sombreros

The road from San Cristobal to Palenque is long and curvy. It feels as if there is no stretch of straight road for 6 hours which is tough on the stomach, especially when sitting in the back row of a 14 person minivan. We were picked up in front of our house at 6 am by... Continue Reading →

In San Cristobal de las Casas

  A day reserved for exploring San Cristobal and getting the feel of the place. We left our colorful room and stepped out in  the fresh chilly air of this mountain town (altitude 2100m). We trotted joyfully through the white and blue colonnades of the courtyard and approached the exit.  Then we noticed it: to... Continue Reading →

Enter Chiapas

A Romanian, a Croatian and a Pole head for Chiapas. None of us knew much about this forsaken Mexican province. Landing in Mexico City is pretty spectacular. On approach, from high above, a sea of buildings stretch as far as the eye can see. The metropolitan area has a population of 20 millions…enough to fit the... Continue Reading →

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