Address – Nicaragua style

There are no addresses in Nicaragua. And some might find this confusing. No street names, no numbers, instead a lot of directions and points of reference (which sometimes don't exist anymore, having been destroyed by previous earthquakes). One would need  to know the past architecture of the cities and all the events that destroyed buildings,... Continue Reading →

Victoria vs Toña and Nicaraguan steak

If you are in Nicaragua you will most likely drink beer. And you will have to pick one side: Victoria or Toña. You have to join one group and stay faithful. There's no in-between. I chose Toña and as soon as I did that, I naturally started to  diss Victoria (pronounced "bictoria"). Because that's how things... Continue Reading →

Listening to the Earth

If you want to take a look at the entrails of our Earth and hear its unearthy sounds, you have to visit the Masaya volcano, 30 minutes away from Granada. There are plenty of tour operators on Calle Calzada that offer day and night tours. Prices are very reasonable, I think I paid 20$ for a... Continue Reading →

Granada, La Gran Sultana

Granada, the oldest European-founded city in Nicaragua, is an important and intimate cultural center, conveniently off the beaten path in a country that is still off the beaten path itself. It was founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernando de Cordoba, who was originally from ... Granada, Spain. I would describe the city as having a strong... Continue Reading →

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